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TRIMET: Stands for aluminium from Europe

TRIMET Aluminium SE is a family-owned business with an international marketing network. Since its foundation in 1985, TRIMET has continued in its well- founded and lasting dynamics – always independent, flexible and absolutely customer-focused.

We are Germany’s largest aluminium producer.

Our approach of a strategic link of stock-related know-how combined with long-standing experience with the material aluminium has a prolonged effect.

About 2,700 staff members work with aluminium, the material of the future, complying with very high standards. They produce, cast, market and recycle in 8 sites for customers’ benefit and in strict compliance with the environment’s needs.

Our corporate R&D division supports and, by doing so, helps them in the implementation of new and innovative solutions for the manifold applications of energy-efficient aluminium – in the interest of both the customers and the company.

Aluminium inspires

Visit our website and be inspired by aluminium. With the help of aluminium, we wish to make people’s lives easier, better and smoother: be it in cars, on planes or trains – at work, at home or in leisure time.


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