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Hamburg: from 0 to 130,000 – in only 9 months

The electrolysis plant, closed down in late 2006, was officially re-opened by TRIMET in May 2007. In late 2007, the plant was operating at full capacity with 270 electrolysis cells.

The increase in the capacity of our anode plant in Hamburg will enable us to not only meet the electrolysis needs in Hamburg but also 50% of anode requirement in Essen. 

The site area in the centre of Hamburg docks covers 400,000 sqms, and employs more than 250 specialists, many who have been recruited from the closed-down aluminium plants HAW and Stade and who bring with them their entire experience.

The Hamburg plant at a glance:

  • 270 electrolysis cells in 3 factory floors (PBCBPF (PreBaked-CenterWorkedPointFeed)-Technologie, side by side)
  • Transformer plant connected to 110 kV-grid
  • Annual output of 130,000 t primary aluminum
  • 300 staff members, incl. 16 trainees
  • Company-owned port facilities and logistics to discharge aluminium oxide and petroleum coke
  • Anode plant
  • Planned anode plant refurbishment to increase annual output to 120,000 t with a reduction of the specific energy consumption by more than 40%.

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